Thursday, February 12, 2009

a little catch up

i havent been able to post in awhile.i figure its time i do some catch up and let everyone know what ive been up to...
these^^^are my new shoes!i got them for my 21st birthday!

for my birthday my family surprised me by taking me to The Melting Pot.

i had never been and it was a ton of fun!!
All of the pictures below are some samples of the photos ive been doing this winter!

the photo below is a picture of my boyfriend and i.he had to do an 80's dance at a basketball game at his school.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

So i got a new job!which is great for me...but not so good for my blog.I wont be able to do asmuch with it as i would like.but i will try my best to keep it updated

i was not quite sure what to write about my Christmas or y New Years Eve i thought i would share a few photos!

Those were a few from Christmas.My New Years Eve on the other hand could not be told about in pictures because there are no pictures to speak New Years Eve actually could have a Not Me Monday dedicated to it.
My boyfriend VJ and I went with his brother and his brothers girlfriend to a company party I had to attend.Afterward we were heading back to VJ's house to hang out with his parents for a while.We decided t take a back road to get out of the neighborhood we were in and during the drive VJ accidentally swerved off the road for a second which caused his tire to pop.I guess i forgot to mention that the road we were driving on has a bad reputation in my town for being haunted or the gathering place for all the satan worshipping cults(which i am sure we have tons of)So anyway we are on this creepy backroad out in the we try to change the tire only to find that the jack is too small and the tool doesnt wrk with the jack...So eventually we call my dad who comes out to rescue us.When he gets there we try to get the tire off with the multitude of tools he has and none of them work!so we decide we will back the car into a small driveway a few yards away.As VJ is trying to back the car up he ends up backing into a huge ditch!The car will not budge.My dad ends up going back to the company party we were at and getting a few guys and a big truck to come tow us out!They finally get us towed out and then try again to get the bad tire off.They find that every single drill in the work truck(there were about ten)had dead batteries.So my dads good friend Winston figured out a way to get the bolts off by hand...they then got the tire off and the doughnut this time is was 11:30 so we rushed back to my house and made it back just in time to watch the ball drop.The great thing is that altough we could have let somethinglike that ruin our night we didnt.We laughed the whole time about the mess we were in and ended up making a really great memory!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Miracle Miles.

This little bundle of joy is my nephew, Miles!
He was born December 22,weighing 7lbs.8ounces.

here is little Miles and his momma.

loook at his curly hair!

Here is Dad!

He is our Christmas miracle!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

one of these things is not like the others...

this is our nativity scene....does anyone notice that something is a little off in this picture.if you guess the appearance of a snowman you would be correct!

Apparently our true Josheph's head got knocked off.So one of my very clever brothers thought it would be appropriate to replace him with this snowman since the snowman's name was Joseph.
It is rather funny.Dont you agree?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

this is how she rolls.

She is by far the most colorful member of my family.This is Aubrey,she like clothes,shoes,books and dancing.We arent sure how she does it but she always finds a way to be messy.Messy hair,messy face,messy hands.
But she is also the sweetest baby you'll ever meet,even though she prefers shouting to talking and likes to throw things at you.

but how could you not adore this sweet little face?or this sweet little outfit?

i know i just cant resist.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me Monday.

Here are some things i did not do this week...

-I did not get to sing at the worship service at the main campus of my church and actually get nervous and a little upset because we were late getting to practice and I was sure I wouldnt get to practice my song.

-I also did not have to be reminded by my boyfriend that the only important thing is that we praise God.I would know that.I would not need to be reminded.

-I did not get the chance to go to an amazing concert which featured one of my most favorite bands(Relient K)and i most definitely did not get butterflies in my stomach when they came out on stage.

-I also did not get to do a small photoshoot for my sister while she is still pregnant,and during that photoshoot I did not make her take some belly pictures even though she was all insecure about it!I would never force someone to do something they didnt want to do just to feed my artistic appetite!nope not me!

except i did do all those things...dont believe me?here are some pictures to prove it!